I started making my own granola about a year ago. I love having granola, fruit and yogurt for breakfast. I decided to start making my own granola mainly because I don’t like not knowing what is in the food I am eating. Making it myself I have complete control of what I am eating. Granola at the store can also be really expensive and making it myself drastically cuts that price. I make my granola pretty plain but you could add any nuts or dried fruit that you want! This recipe makes a full 64 oz mason jar of granola and lasts me and my boyfriend about 2 weeks.

Happy June

My 30 day challenge is done and now it is time to get into more day-to-day content. Through the 30 day challenge I have discovered what exactly i want my blog to look like. Each month this blog will feature posts about my meal planning, healthy recipes and reviews of restaurants I love. Each month I want to talk about what is in season, what I am excited about cooking and what is new. So to start, Happy June! I am super excited for June as with it comes the start of summer. I don’t think I have ever been this excited for summer. This past winter felt so long and dark and this will be the first summer that I am settled down. In terms of cooking I am looking forward to all the fresh food summer has to offer. I am currently growing veggies in my first ever garden and right down the street from my house there is a fantastic market every Sunday. In season right now and on my mind is Strawberries, Blueberries, Cucumber, Zucchini, and Lettuce.

This week I decided to actually prep in detail for every meal. My usual meal prep/planning looks like me making lists for each meal of what we have on hand that needs to be prepared. This week I have two options already made for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is all planned out and shopped for. I don’t like meal prepping for dinner because I have the time to cook each night and it is a nice de-stresser for me at the end of the day. Below is what I am eating this week!


Egg Muffins: I found the recipe online. I scrambled eggs, seasoned them with paprika, garlic, salt and pepper. Added bell peppers and baked in a muffin tin at 375 for 25 minutes.

Roasted Potatoes: I seasoned cubed potatoes with onions, paprika, chile powder, garlic, salt and pepper. I then baked the potatoes at 425 for 20-30 minutes.

Granola: Recipe coming soon on the blog!


Last night my boyfriend made the most amazing barbequed chicken and grilled veggies. There were four meals worth of leftovers!

Quinoa and Chicken Bowls: I put some chicken in the slow cooker with homemade taco seasoning. Made some fajita veggies and quinoa! I am looking forward to a great low carb lunch!

Day 30: Favorite Breakfast

Today is the last day of my 30 day food writing challenge! Thank you to everyone for following along this last month. Today’s theme is favorite breakfast. I am a huge brunch fan, I love everything about it, decorating, mimosas, fresh fruit and carby sides. If I could choose any breakfast food I would choose crepes. To make my crepes I used my tried and true recipe from Joy of Cooking. Crepes can be enjoyed with many different fillings, fresh strawberries, fruit compote, nutella or cinnamon sugar are my favorites.

Day 29: Favorite Seasonal Recipe

It is the second to last day of the food writing challenge and today’s theme is seasonal recipe! Now anyone who says “April showers bring May flowers” has clearly never spent a spring in Oregon. I think the slogan should be more like “April and May rain every day”. The rainy season is finally (hopefully?) coming to an end and opening up to sun and lots of fresh produce! I am so excited for the beginning of summer because of all the fresh produce that will be available. Currently the in season food that I am obsessed with is kale, spinach and beets. As I mentioned in my previous post about my favorite vegetable I love having kale salads. I have been making lots of salads the following way quantities vary based on your preference.

  • Beet Greens, Cut thin
  • Spinach, Cut thin
  • Kale, ripped and massaged
  • Beets, roasted with oil and salt
  • Almonds, toasted
  • Salad Dressing of your choice

Day 28: What is in your fridge?

Much like one of my first posts about what is in my fridge this post inspired me to clean out my freezer. I have to start by saying, I hate my freezer. It is always disorganized and it didn’t come with shelves so things are always falling everywhere. If anyone has tips on organizing your freezer let me know! So here is everything that is in my freezer, I am trying to clear it out because summer is a big season of freezing fresh fruit and veggies.

What is in my fridge?

Ice: obviously? I make coffee ice and regular.

Frozen fruit: I freeze fruit when we have too much out on the counter to keep it all fresh but also purchase frozen fruit. I use it all to make smoothies for breakfasts.

Frozen broccoli: We love broccoli in my house, it is honestly a staple so we always keep it well stocked.

Frozen meat: I buy big packs of chicken to save money. Last summer my boyfriends mom went to alaska to fish for salmon and there is still some salmon leftover from her trip.

Sweets: Ice cream and fruit popsicles are a very important summer item!

My very ugly unorganized freezer…

Day 27: Favorite Food Memory

Today’s theme is favorite food memory. I have been so lucky throughout my life to have so many opportunities to create “food memories”. One of my most recent food experiences which easily tops my list of favorite food memories happened in Las Vegas. A year ago I had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas for a week as a member of the Oregon Marching Band. Whenever I travel one of the first things I do is research where to eat. When I started researching Vegas I realized that it is the home of many award winning and famous chefs. As part of the trip which my boyfriend also happened to be on we were given money for food. He and I decided that using some of that food money we would splurge on a super fancy meal. After researching all the amazing spots Vegas had to offer we landed on Yardbird Southern Table & Bar. While I have been to many other fancy award winning restaurants growing up with my parents but I think this trip ranks high on my list because it was my first time going out on my own to one of these places. Yardbird is a James Beard nominated restaurant that features southern comfort foods. In order to enjoy multiple things we decided to share everything. We started with both ordering drinks, my boyfriend a bourbon drink and me a spiked lemonade. As an appetizer we shared warm biscuits with homemade jam and honey butter. For our main dish we had fried chicken and waffles with a watermelon salad. We also had a side of mac & cheese. The meal was accompanied by house made Honey Hot Sauce and Bourbon Maple Syrup. The meal was so amazing and we left feeling deliriously happy and full. I dream of one day returning to one of their locations and having their amazing fried chicken again.

Day 26: Favorite Fast Food

We are nearing the end of my 30 day challenge and today’s theme is favorite fast food. Now I like to eat healthy most of the time but every now and then you just have those days and I like to treat myself with a “cheat day”. On those days where I am feeling I deserve something a little unhealthy I go to Taco Bell. I get the doritos locos nacho cheese tacos. I don’t eat beef so I sub the beef for beans for free. I don’t use any sauces. I also like to have potatoes on the side and a couple sips of my boyfriend’s baja blast freeze. I completely understand Taco Bell is probably the least healthy thing in my life but it is all in moderation. I only go every few months and try to eat healthy immediately after. If treating yourself to something you find delicious is going to brighten your day or make you happy I saw why restrict yourself.

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