Restaurant Spotlight

As I have mentioned in previous posts one of my best friends came to visit me about a week ago. She was our first out town guest and I was so excited to show her our new life in Portland. Part of that was showing her some of my favorite spots for dinner! One of those is the subject of this weeks post.

I love going to to Grassa because I always have a fun time eating there. I still remember the first time we ate out there for a special date night. It was the dead of winter and freezing cold outside and their pasta certainly warmed me up. Grassa has two locations one downtown Portland and one in slab town with another opening soon on the Eastside. You can watch as they make all of the pasta fresh in front of you at the open style kitchen. While I have tried other dishes on their menu I always turn back to my tried and true favorite. I get a order of the garlic bread and a glass of wine then for my entree I get the Pork Belly Mac and Cheese. The pork belly is like candy and the mac and cheese is perfectly creamy. If you’re in Portland looking for a warm comforting meal definitely check out Grassa!

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