Week of June 24

I missed a whole week of blogging. I sat down multiple times to write a post but each time got distracted by some other life event. This past week has been busy I spent a weekend with my best friend, my car got broken into, work is busy and I said goodbye to my childhood home. To say the least I have been stressed and emotional this week. The good news is my next week should be a little less busy and I am hoping to get back on track with life.

When I am having a stressful I find great relaxation in cooking. Today I went to a new Asian Supermarket in my neighborhood called “SF Supermarket”. Most of my meal prep will be inspired by the things I found there. I love exploring new specialty grocery stores especially with someone who also loves cooking. I love to gather inspiration from the foods I can’t find else where!

Here is what I got from SF Supermarket. Tomorrow I am going to try making curry. The market is by my work and I have a feeling it will be a new favorite spot for me.


The usual granola and yogurt. I prepped more granola this week and froze a ton of produce last week. I have also been really into having a bagel with peanut butter for breakfast.


Meal prep is easy this week for lunch . I made my Asian Noodle Salad recipe this week for meal prep using veggies I found at the supermarket. We also have a ton of leftovers perfect for lunch.


I have been wanting to try making curry for a while so I think I am going to finally attempt that. I also still have peas to use from the farmer’s market so I need to find a use for those. I love putting them in my salad for the perfect crunch. The rest of the week we will probably have salad because there is so much fresh produce available now!

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