My Home Garden

Ever since I have been living away from home I have wanted to have my own garden. In college I never had any outdoor space. I attempted to grow things in my window but few things flourished. When we moved to our Portland Apartment I was so excited because there is a balcony off of our living room. Starting in March I started planning out our balcony garden. I of course turned first to Pinterest for inspiration. I wanted to save money cute also create a space where we could relax and be surrounded by plants. I started collecting pots to put small plants in. I also found some crate style planters at Ikea. The planters were meant for putting terra cotta pots in but I decided to line them garden mesh and fill them with soil to create something similar to a raised bed. I am hoping to keep the garden growing throughout spring, summer and fall.

I started peas and green beans, they grow along the railing of our balcony and up strings attached to the roof of our balcony. We had huge plants of lettuce, spinach and kale. I also brought some strawberry starters from home in Hood River. I planted these same strawberries back when I was a kid.

I also planted tomato, beet and tomato starters that will hopefully be ready in the summer. I am also thinking of planting garlic for the winter and maybe some other fall plants.

Lastly, I have some herbs growing in pots outside that I look forward to adding to my meals. Going out to garden on my balcony has been a great hobby and I am looking forward to watching it grow!

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