Week June 10-15

Another week has gone by and once again I am prepping for the week to come! Summer plans are starting to go into full swing. This past weekend we did lots of organizing and running around. We went to the farmer’s market for the third time since they opened. I got some really beautiful Wala Wala onions, beets and lettuce. I meal prepped and planned a little extra this week because of my busy weekend. Next weekend my best friend from college is coming to visit! I haven’t seen her in a year and I am really excited to show her around Portland and my post-grad life. In the meantime here is my meal plan/prep for the week.


I didn’t prep much this week for breakfast. I have some granola still from the recipe I shared last week. I also got some amazing looking peaches at Trader Joe’s for breakfasts and snacks.


I prepped two different meals for lunches this week. The first is just a simple salad. In the salad I cut up lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, bell pepper, tomatoes and quinoa. I left the tomatoes on the side to avoid getting the salad too wilted. I will also add dressing later.

I also prepped some sweet potato bowls. I roasted sweet potatoes in the oven for 20 minutes. I added them to brown rice and beans with some veggies on the side. The morning of eating them I will add a sauce.

For dinner tonight I am making meatballs which I will be able to use for dinners throughout the week. We also have some leftover salmon from the weekend that we will use in salads during the week.

Coming soon…..

I am working on launching a meal planning service for anyone who reads this blog. Keep an eye out for a post about that coming in the next month or so.

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