Day 28: What is in your fridge?

Much like one of my first posts about what is in my fridge this post inspired me to clean out my freezer. I have to start by saying, I hate my freezer. It is always disorganized and it didn’t come with shelves so things are always falling everywhere. If anyone has tips on organizing your freezer let me know! So here is everything that is in my freezer, I am trying to clear it out because summer is a big season of freezing fresh fruit and veggies.

What is in my fridge?

Ice: obviously? I make coffee ice and regular.

Frozen fruit: I freeze fruit when we have too much out on the counter to keep it all fresh but also purchase frozen fruit. I use it all to make smoothies for breakfasts.

Frozen broccoli: We love broccoli in my house, it is honestly a staple so we always keep it well stocked.

Frozen meat: I buy big packs of chicken to save money. Last summer my boyfriends mom went to alaska to fish for salmon and there is still some salmon leftover from her trip.

Sweets: Ice cream and fruit popsicles are a very important summer item!

My very ugly unorganized freezer…

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