Day 27: Favorite Food Memory

Today’s theme is favorite food memory. I have been so lucky throughout my life to have so many opportunities to create “food memories”. One of my most recent food experiences which easily tops my list of favorite food memories happened in Las Vegas. A year ago I had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas for a week as a member of the Oregon Marching Band. Whenever I travel one of the first things I do is research where to eat. When I started researching Vegas I realized that it is the home of many award winning and famous chefs. As part of the trip which my boyfriend also happened to be on we were given money for food. He and I decided that using some of that food money we would splurge on a super fancy meal. After researching all the amazing spots Vegas had to offer we landed on Yardbird Southern Table & Bar. While I have been to many other fancy award winning restaurants growing up with my parents but I think this trip ranks high on my list because it was my first time going out on my own to one of these places. Yardbird is a James Beard nominated restaurant that features southern comfort foods. In order to enjoy multiple things we decided to share everything. We started with both ordering drinks, my boyfriend a bourbon drink and me a spiked lemonade. As an appetizer we shared warm biscuits with homemade jam and honey butter. For our main dish we had fried chicken and waffles with a watermelon salad. We also had a side of mac & cheese. The meal was accompanied by house made Honey Hot Sauce and Bourbon Maple Syrup. The meal was so amazing and we left feeling deliriously happy and full. I dream of one day returning to one of their locations and having their amazing fried chicken again.

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