Day 26: Favorite Fast Food

We are nearing the end of my 30 day challenge and today’s theme is favorite fast food. Now I like to eat healthy most of the time but every now and then you just have those days and I like to treat myself with a “cheat day”. On those days where I am feeling I deserve something a little unhealthy I go to Taco Bell. I get the doritos locos nacho cheese tacos. I don’t eat beef so I sub the beef for beans for free. I don’t use any sauces. I also like to have potatoes on the side and a couple sips of my boyfriend’s baja blast freeze. I completely understand Taco Bell is probably the least healthy thing in my life but it is all in moderation. I only go every few months and try to eat healthy immediately after. If treating yourself to something you find delicious is going to brighten your day or make you happy I saw why restrict yourself.

Image result for taco bell images

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