Day 18: Favorite Drink

Today’s theme is favorite drink. In terms of non-alcoholic drinks mine is coffee. I drink a cup every single day at work and on the weekends I’d drink multiple. I love a good iced coffee in the summer. I have a pretty simple Starbucks order. Right now it is grande iced coffee in a venti cup with 5 pumps of sweetener. When I don’t drink iced coffee I like my coffee black and made using a French press. Here is how I make French press:

1. Grind coffee beans until coarse. I prefer to grind my beans myself because it makes the coffee taste better.

2. Boil water on the stove.

3. Pour boiling water into French press. Gently stir coffee mixture. Place top ok French press but don’t push down the press.

4. Let sit for 3-4 minutes then push the press down slowly.

5. Enjoy!

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