Day 16: Take out or Dine in?

Today’s theme is Take out or Dine in. Now when it comes to choosing on dining in at a restaurant and taking out I do tend to lean towards take out. While I love going out somewhere and trying something new I do love the comfort of my own home. This year my partner and I actually got a postmates account so we can get free delivery. It has actually been super nice to have and has really helped when things get a little too hectic to cook. We have four go to meals that we order.

  1. Chinese Food. We used to have a really good place across the street from us when we lived in Eugene, Oregon. Ever since then we have been trying to find something that compares. Let me know if you have any good recommendations in Portland. We like to share fried rice, greens beans and some kind of chicken.
  2. Mediterranean Food. I love to get rice, falafel, salad and pita, lots of pita!
  3. Curry. In the winter curry is the perfect meal if you’re feeling the winter blues. I like the yellow curry with potatoes, peppers and onions. I get the chicken with medium spice because I am always afraid to go too spicy.
  4. Pizza. Who doesn’t love a good delivery pizza?

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