Day 15: What are you best at cooking?

Day 15: Best at Cooking

This one is really hard to decide on an answer to, what are you best at cooking? I love to cook all sorts of foods but I always feel like I can improve on any technique or recipe. I think what I feel most confident cooking is pasta, specifically a ciao de pepe style pasta. I have always been a fan of pasta so naturally it makes me excited when I make a really good pasta. I love how many components go into making the perfect dish. Below I share with you a list of the best techniques I have found for making a delicious plate (or bowl) of pasta.

Cheesy Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes and Lemon Zest.

Pasta: I feel like the shape of the pasta sets the tone for the whole dish. Certain shapes hold sauce better or create a different textural experience. I definitely have go to pasta shapes although I am trying to branch out. My favorite shape is bucatini. It is similar to spaghetti but has a hole going through it that holds sauce perfectly. I also love penne it just feels so classic. Be sure to add lots of salt to your water as it starts boiling, it should taste like the ocean.

Sauce: I love a good buttery cheese sauce. You can make a super simple sauce by just melting butter and a little leftover pasta water and cheese until the cheese is runny and melted. I also love a good tomato sauce. I am currently working on developing a homemade quick pasta sauce. Maybe that will appear on the blog soon!

Toppings: I love to eat almost anything with pasta. If I feeling super unhealthy and really wanting to treat myself I add bacon. I also love to roast tomatoes slightly and add them to pasta with cheese sauce. When I want something quick and easy I cook up a chicken sausage to go on the side.

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