Day 12: Favorite Dessert

Today’s theme is favorite dessert. All my life I have not been much of a sweets fan. I love a good candy bar, ice cream or cookie. I am not a huge fan of other desserts though. I worked in a bakery for a few years in college and people asked me how I resisted the urge to eat everything. The truth, I don’t like dessert as much as savory foods. I do love baking though, especially after those years of working in a bakery. I think if I had to pick a sweet dessert to be my favorite it would be chocolate chip cookies. In recent years it has been kind of a challenge of mine to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I have tried many recipes but I haven’t landed on that perfect one. If you have a favorite share it with me in the comments below! I think everyone has preference of exactly how they like their cookies. Personally I like them doughy in the middle, crunchy on the edges and warmed up! What is your favorite way to eat a chocolate chip cookie?

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