Day 9: Most Exotic Food

Today’s post is about the most exotic food I have ever tried. Unfortunately, I have not had a ton of opportunity to try anything super exotic. As a kid we often went to fancy sushi places because my dad knew the chefs there. I have tried many types of fish and sea creatures because of that. I loved to eat fish roe as a kid because of the popping sensation it made in your mouth. I also tried rattlesnake once because my fourth grade teacher forced me to eat it. I was in tears telling her that I didn’t like eating meat but she said everyone had to try a little piece. I hope in the future I can try some more exotic foods. When I traveled to Ecuador I really wanted to try cut but didn’t have the opportunity. I think it would be really fun to try delicacies from other countries so hopefully someday soon I have that opportunity!

One thought on “Day 9: Most Exotic Food

  1. Being the daughter of a chef father and a well-traveled mother, you have tried more unique foods than you realize. Some people would even consider them exotic. It’s just that you see them as normal. Some of the foods that come to mind are: lychee, kumquats, dragon fruit, rabbit, poi, caviar, lamb, foie gras, black rice (a Spanish dish), “gambas a la plancha” (grilled shrimp with the head still on!) and various mushrooms including morels, oyster & lobster. Your momma’s favorite memory of you loving a food most children would be afraid of is when two-year-old you preferred to eat a ramekin full of capers over chicken tenders at the Four Seasons Hotel brunch in Seattle!

    We cannot forget “the Andina story”! Many of the adults who were present that night certainly won’t! That would be an exotic food tasting gone bad! Shrimp Ceviche most definitely did not go over very well!


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