Day 7: Favorite Cookbook

I have a quickly growing selection of cookbooks so it is challenging to choose just one that is my favorite. I love to go in to Portland and explore Powell’s City of Books, and search for a new book to add to my collection. My current favorite is Where Cooking Begins by Carla Lalli Music. It also happens to be the first ever cookbook that I have pre-ordered. I discovered the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen Youtube series a few months ago after it was recommended to me by a friend. I love all the chefs in the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen so when I found out one of them was writing a cookbook I couldn’t wait to read it. I love how Carla has the book laid out. She talks about her thought process for creating recipes and then goes over different methods of cooking before going into recipes. The recipes are not laid out like a traditional cookbook. Carla first lists out the ingredients you need for the recipe separating market or fresh ingredients from ones available from your pantry. She then also lists ingredients you could add or substitute to give the recipe a different twist. I love this feature in the cookbook because I rarely follow a recipe word for word. One of my favorite recipes I have made from the book is Grilled Asparagus with Smokey Spicy Brown Butter Bread Crumbs. It is delicious buttery and includes a vegetable so you can feel healthy still…

Seriously. So good.

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