Day 3: What’s in my fridge?

Ok so to be fair my fridge was almost empty this morning so I threw out old food, cleaned and organized my fridge. I am guilty of occasionally leaving leftovers in my fridge a little too long. It is something I am really trying to work on so if anyone has advice on how to remember to use your leftover faster please send them my way! So here you go here is a list of what is in my fridge right now…

Yes, my fridge is very out-dated.

Top shelf:

On the left I always keep leftovers, mostly I just have prepped ingredients for salads and bowls right now. One the other side I have my bin of different condiments and sauces. This is where I keep jars with homemade sauces.

Middle shelf:

This is where I keep kind of a random mix of things… I have some bread products, right now there is whole wheat pita bread and tortillas. I also have some baby tomatoes that I am planning on using for a salad tonight. On the other side is all of my dairy products. My boyfriend and I are obsessed with the Greek God’s brand greek yogurt. It comes in many flavors but our favorite if honey. I add it to my smoothies or granola bowls in the morning. Next to that is my bin of different cheeses.

Bottom Shelf:

This is the tallest portion of our fridge so this is where I keep our drinks and bottles. Right now I have a bottle of ice coffee mix, my mom and I became obsessed with drinking this last summer when I was staying with her so I am going to try it out for taking to work. Iced coffee is so much better than warm coffee in the spring and summer! I also have some sparkling water that has been in there forever for no reason. Some orange juice for smoothies and a partly finished bottle of wine that I am just saving for cooking now. In the bowl is chicken marinating for dinner tonight.


I keep all my veggies in here. Right now the veggy load is kale, beets, cucumber, zucchini, and peppers.


My fridge door is pretty standard condiments, eggs and butter. I do have a pretty solid collection of hot sauces.

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