Day 2: Favorite Restaurant

Today’s challenge theme is favorite restaurant. There are so many towns I’ve called home and I have favorite restaurants in all of them. However, I would probably travel from anywhere to go eat at my most favorite place, Solstice Wood Fire Pizza in Hood River, Oregon. I first started going there as a kid with my parents when they had a tiny pizza place in Bingen, Washington. As their popularity increased they built a new restaurant in my home town and opened a few food carts. Now whenever my boyfriend and I travel to Hood River that is always the first place I want to visit. I know a lot of the staff who work there and am always greeted warmly. The dining room also has beautiful views of the river front.

Solstice is a family friendly wood fired pizza place that also has great entrees, appetizers and drinks! I like to start my meal with “The Solstice” a nice refreshing drink with tequila, huckleberries and lime. I love all of their starters but the truffle fries with aioli is amazing. I am huge aioli fan! My favorite pizza to get there is their country girl cherry which is award winning and for good reason! If I still have room for dessert I get the wood-fired s’more with homemade marshmallows! If you’re ever in Hood River I highly recommend it!

Dessert and a beer.

2 thoughts on “Day 2: Favorite Restaurant

  1. I miss the original Solstice! I remember discovering Solstice with you after a Girl Scout event. And getting take out on some of the days you had trombone lessons with Josh!


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