Welcome to my Blog

Me: Graduation from The University of Oregon
Bachelor of Science: Human Physiology
June 2018

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Gabriella, I am 22 year old recent graduate from University of Oregon. I live in Portland with my boyfriend, working and enjoying “real” life outside of college. For as long as I can remember I have been cooking and surrounded by food. From when I was barely a toddler and my dad would sit me up on the counter to watch him prepare dinner to the last two years of working in an industrial kitchen to now aspiring to write and educate all about food. I love to share with people my love for food and what it means to eat healthy but also be happy with how you eat. I want to share a more organic and honest perspective of what healthy happy eating is. You should know where your food comes from and be a more involved part in the process of getting food on your table. You should create a positive relationship with food and the process of cooking. Most importantly you should enjoy eating and cooking.

This blog will be full of many different sources from how to cook common processed foods from scratch to small space gardening tips to unique healthy recipes. I hope you enjoy my blog and it can be a place for you to find a happy healthy.

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